Fleet & Trades


All Dole vessels under RMS management, irrespective of their age, are maintained in optimal operating condition to provide a safe, an efficient and comfortable working and living environment for our seafarers, and to meet the objectives of our stated mission.

Dole RMS Masters have undiluted management support in the implementation of that policy.

With the addition of MV Dole Pacific, MV Dole Atlantic and MV Dole Caribbean, the newest of the fleet of dedicated reefer container vessels, the fleet consists of 15 vessels, 9 of them self-sustained refrigerated container carriers and 6 pallet friendly conventional reefers with container carrying capacity on deck.


The fleet renewal program continues with 2 more specialised refrigerated container vessels on the drawing board. Dole's new vesesls incorporate the latest in energy saving technologies, innovation in design and operational application, aimed at minimising environmental impact.